The Grand Experiment

Atlantis is the GRAND EXPERIMENT; its operations and policies conform to the concepts and policies of United Nations Agenda 21, 1992.  Agenda 21 is an international blueprint that outlines actions which governments, international organizations, industries, and the community can take to achieve sustainable development.  A large portion of Agenda 21 deals with eliminating poverty and hunger through sustainable agriculture.  The concept has gained significant attention over the past twenty years as a tool to address the 2008 financial crisis.  The concepts inherent in Agenda 21 and the RIO +20 conference revolve around a green economy, green growth, and low-carbon development.

While the concept of green economy has been discussed for decades, it has only recently gained recognition.  The term “green economy” as used in response to the global economic crisis of 2008,  was closely associated with the idea of “green stimulus packages” and identified specific areas where large-scale public investment could kick-start a “green economy”.  The goal of the green economy is to de-link economic growth and environmental degradation through improving efficiency and sustainability in the use of resources and production processes, and reduce resource degradation, pollution and waste.

Atlantis IS truly green enterprise accomplishing many of the goals of Agenda 21 and while actively operating and promoting sustainable agriculture.  The establishment of this green enterprise does not benefit the grower alone, but provides for a broad array of benefits to other individuals and the community at large.  Atlantis' agricultural enterprise dramatically reduces the local area's carbon footprint (by fixing atmospheric carbon and producing atmospheric oxygen at 6-times the rate of all other crops), actively employs up to twenty (20) unemployed agriculture workers (reducing local poverty), provides high-quality on-site housing for those workers (adding to individual health and well being), uses a minimum amount (lower than most other agricultural activities) of groundwater and provides high-dollar specialty agricultural crops which will promote competitiveness in the area of specialty crops for the region and indeed the entire state.

Atlantis uses clean solar and wind energy to provide all of its power needs further reducing its carbon footprint existing wholly off-grid.  In addition, the use of rainwater collection facilities for irrigation will lower the overall impact to groundwater resources.

Research has shown that in the 150-years of Paulownia hardwood production within the United States, there has never been a year where there was no demand, thus consistently buoying up the price.  Marketing and sales inquiries were conducted with various and numerous sawmills populated throughout the United States.  The price point is relatively consistent throughout the entire United States, thus marketing consists of notification of intent to harvest and thereby taking orders for the harvested timber.

In addition to cut lumber sales, the Paulownia tree provides copious amounts of beautiful, vanilla scented, white and purple trumpet-shaped blossoms in 14-inch-long clusters beginning in early spring as early as the second year of growth.  Flowering continues for 4-6 weeks and occurs just prior to new leaf growth.  These blossoms provide copious amounts of pollen for honey production and the sprigs of blossoms may be harvested for the ornamental flower marketplace and the perfume industry.

Intercropping of fruits and vegetables is effortless and consists of scheduling the harvests and transporting to the marketplace in any number of wholesale produce markets.  Marketing studies have shown that specialty vegetables are in high demand in specialty markets and as consumables in high-end restaurants.  Edible consumables are always in demand and easily sold, however, depending on the time of harvest, price-point may or may not be optimal.  To control this price point variability, marketing and direct delivery to high-end specialty restaurants that place a premium on freshness will be pursued.

ATLANTIS IS RISING....bringing old world technologies back into vogue while providing for a greener tomorrow!  Don't just spend your money on the same old earth-destroying enterprises.  Support sustainable ATLANTIS!



Propagation through cuttings....1-month-old cutting

1 month after planting

1 year after planting

Blossoms after 2 years

5 years after planting

7-year harvest