A Wholly Green - Sustainable 21st Century Enterprise

Atlantis is named for the fictional account of a uniqueplace described in Ayn Rand's book, "Atlas Shrugged"; a valley established by John Galt (character) who wanted to collect all of the world's most brilliant entrepreneurs and start a wholly sustainable society.  John Galt's valley was called Galt's Gulch and his new community was called "ATLANTIS".

Atlantis is the physical manifistation of that literary dream conceived of by Ayn Rand.  Our entire business concept has been carefully crafted around the concepts of market sustainability to ensure profitability with unique regrowable raw materials (paulownia wood) and even more unique healthy edibles (rare vegetable strains) and spice blends, honey, dip mixes.

Atlantis exists wholly "off-the-grid" [see below] by producing all of the non-polluting electrical energy (solar and wind) it needs to support the entire plantation, employing natural gas ( gas is mined from onside gas-producing wells) and electric vehicles for operations, and recycling all of its waste into organic fertilizers for use onsite.  Our operations create a negative carbon footprint so great, it is worth tens of thousands ($) annually to our bottom line.


  • Paulownia Fortunii and Tomentosa Wood!

    The Paulownia var. fortunii, is an exciting tree; growing from just 12" at planting to over 85ft. in just 8 years yielding more than 240 bdft of light weight, extremely strong, low moisture content, beautiful wood that takes all stains.

    Paulownia wood is a naturally dry, non-warping wood that takes any stain and finish from satin to high gloss. It is light weight and has been called, ..."the other balsa.."

  • Exciting Gourmet Edibles!

    ATLANTIS offers exciting gourmet edibles too! Including custom dip, sauce, and dressing 'dry' mixes that are easy to use and sure to please your guests! We also sell very rare Paulownia Honey that has a natural light, but distinctive vanilla scent and flavor.

  • Beautiful Strong Wood!

    The Paulownia tree produces huge bunches of beautiful purple-tipped white flowers flowers that have a delightful strong vanilla scent, for two weeks, once a year. These flowers make dramatic floral presentations as cut flowers (in bunches) and when pressed and extracted, yield a strong delightful floral vanilla scent...perfect for perfuming industries!

  • Wind and Solar Power

    Atlantis uses a combination of wind and solar power and has, located around the plantation, several generation and storage stations connected with an on-site underground power grid to distribute the power wherever its needed.

  • Recycled Structures

    Oceanic shipping containers are constructed from solid steel, but are only used for a number of years before they are permanently retired. This is a readily available and very sturdy construction material, low in price and highly config- urable. Our maintenance sheds and processing/production storage facilities are constructed out of used shipping containers to recycle this valuable resource and provide strong, durable, severe weather resistant structures.

  • On-site Natural Gas

    Texas sets atop a huge natural gas reservoir, and Atlantis produces it's own natural gas from onsite wells. This natural gas is clean burning and provides all of our internal combustion engine needs.