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The Paulownia Tree is a low moisture, high bulk modulus, clear grained wood that takes a stain well without the problem of fisheye, and has superior engineering characteristics.  Paulownia wood has a clear and uniform grain and takes a multitude of stains well.  The wood grown on ATLANTIS is carefully coppiced providing little or no knotting of the wood; this guarantees clear and uniform grain.  Paulownia wood is sold by the cut and milled board foot.

Paulownia Strip Logs/Poles

Price: 2.12 USD
Paulownia is excellent for plywood manufacture, providing a plywood with a much higher strength; it is especially good for marine plywood use.

Paulownia Tomentosa

Price: 11.50 USD
Paulownia Tomentosa is strong like Paulownia Fortunii, but is more suitable to all furniture types and styles plus most other wood working projects. It cuts remarkably well on a lather and it's low moisture content and superior strength makes is particularly well suited for producing wooden vessels including tableware such as dishes and bowls. It takes all finishes, producing both satin and high gloss finishes.

Paulownia Fortunii

Price: 14.95 USD
Paulownia Fortunii is a light weight extremely strong wood. it is the best wood for thin verneers, musical instruments, snow boards, and surfboards. It takes a multitude of finish colors, has an interesting nd beautiful graining, and an extremely high tensile and compression strength with no warping.